Why Take 3D Animation Courses Online?

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Thinking about building a career in animation, game design or VFX? A conventional study might work for some people but taking 3D animation courses online offer students the flexibility and freedom to learn all the fundamental concepts and tools of animation and VFX in the privacy of their own homes.

Family commitments, side jobs, various errands, all these activities take up a bulk of our free time. Most of us have a lot on our plate and earning a degree is just one of the many obligations that we have to juggle. Many state institutions are unable to accept students who are juggling a million other things because of conflicting schedules.

Online learning makes the perfect solution for busy people who want to earn a degree even when they have a lot on their plate. By taking an animation or a VFX course online, it’s possible to achieve the highest standards of learning while having the utmost control over your time.

The Benefits of Taking an Animation Course Online

Quality Education and Personalized Learning

One of the most important factors that you should consider when choosing a school that offers online courses is the level of interaction between students and mentors. The fact is, not all online courses provide the same amount of interactions between mentors and students. Some courses come with self-guided lessons. Such setup limits the interaction between educators and students.

The size of the classroom or the number of students per class is another factor that could affect the teaching quality of the course itself. To make the most out of your time, choose a school that could provide personalized learning with one-on-one mentoring like TDU.

TDU is made up of industry professionals with decades of experience dedicated to one thing – making you a better artist. When you enroll in an online class at TDU, you could expect plenty of interactions with your mentor on top of regular check-ins and personalized learning.

Flexible Schedule

The beauty of online learning is that you have total control over your time. Got a part-time job in the afternoons? You could schedule your lessons in the mornings. Only free during the evenings? TDU has 3D animation courses for that! Most TDU students have a lot of work or family commitments and they could only squeeze in a few hours of their time every day studying. An online course provides lessons that are accessible wherever and whenever as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Online learning is also ideal for professionals who want to shift careers. It’s the perfect solution for professionals who could not quit their day jobs just yet. At TDU, you could enroll for a mentoring program and schedule your lessons around your work commitments as you prepare to make big changes in your career. The animation industry is fiercely competitive but as long as you are committed to living out your dream, it is possible to change careers and bag your dream job.

Save Time and Money

From the rent to the food, transportation to daily expenses, online learning lets you save money on travel, fuel, accommodations, and other expenses that come with traditional learning. Some students have to travel long distances every day for school and usually, the alternative is to move to the city, which can be expensive. Paying for the rent, food, transportation, all these expenses add up.

Traditional university courses are costly too, with some students paying upwards of $10K. This is the reason why most students are racking up thousands in debt. If moving to the city is out of the question or if the daily commute becomes expensive in the long run then you can pursue your degree online.

Online learning is ideal for anyone, even people who live in remote areas where education options are limited. No need to move to a different city to enroll in a good school, you can do that in the comfort of your own home. There is no need to worry about expenses related to traveling to and from school every day with little time for much else because you have total control over your time.

3D animation courses are more affordable than traditional university courses. In fact, you could take several courses online without making a dent on your savings. In addition, all the learning materials you need – tutorials, reading materials, even software – are provided for you.

Connect to Industry Experts

Making the right connection is a critical part of building a career in animation and VFX. By taking 3D animation courses at TDU, you could meet mentors and industry workers from top film productions. You’ll learn everything that it takes to make it to an otherwise fiercely competitive industry. You could even gain industry experience by working alongside industry greats.

By taking online 3D animation courses and meeting mentors, students could learn the fundamentals of the trade, determine how professionals conduct themselves in an actual film studio, and discover how a professional film studio operates. Through assignments, video critiques, and regular feedbacks, TDU students will learn everything they need to know about boosting their workflows and advancing their career in animation and VFX.

Engaging Learning Environment

Some students perform best in a traditional classroom setting, others could focus more on a familiar learning environment. Online learning lets you choose the kind of learning environment that suits your needs. Since you are taking classes in the privacy of your own home, you could work on your school activities in the living room, the study, even in the bedroom. In fact, you could attend online classes, work on your assignments, and listen to lectures anywhere in the world as long as you have a stable internet connection.

By taking 3D animation courses online, there won’t be any missed opportunities for learning. There is no need to rush to take notes or acquire the necessary materials to complete an assignment. You could focus on the subject because you are in a comfortable learning environment and all the materials you need to complete the course are provided for you.

You are also maximizing your time learning because there are fewer distractions. A more intimate group setting provides an uninterrupted learning experience, something that will benefit students and instructors alike. Since the class is comprised of a small group of students, the instructors could provide detailed lessons and answers, the students are not competing for their instructor’s attention at all.

Self-Motivation, Discipline, and Better Time Management

Taking 3D animation courses online demand more self-motivation, self-discipline and time management skills because you are expected to work on your assignments independently. The film and games industries are comprised of self-starters who could work on their own or as a part of a team.

By practicing self-discipline and developing better time management skills, you’ll be able to hone your craft and present all your assignments on time. All these skills will be useful once you break into the film or games industry.

TDU offers specialized online courses in 3D animation, 3D lighting, and VFX. Check out our full list of online courses and workshops here and enroll today!


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