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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes The Academy different?

We are insiders working at some of the best companies in the industry. 

How does that help you? Because we have been in the demo reel reviews. We know what hiring managers are looking for. And we are prepared to give you that insider look so you can make the demo reel that will raise you above the rest of your competition. 

When do classes take place?

Our entire system is centered around your convenience. There are no set class times. All the lectures and assets are already uploaded and you will have immediate access from the minute you sign up. 

Are you chomping at the bit and want to get started today? Hop in a binge-watch all the lectures and start lighting right now.

Do you want to sign up while you can now, but need to finish a big project at work before starting the course? No problem. You will have lifetime access to the courses and can get started whenever it is convenient for you. 

The Academy is here for you.

What software do I need in the course?

In our lectures, we will generally use Arnold in Maya and Nuke to demonstrate techniques.

That being said, we don’t focus on teaching specific software or renderers in our courses. Our courses focus on the art and training your eye to be a better artist. We have had students use Maya, Cinema4D, Blender, 3DStudio Max and renderers like VRay, Mental Ray, PRMan, Octane, Redshift, and others). That is what makes our training so powerful. The techniques we teach will work in every software package you will use.

Can I really do all my training in less than 10 hours per week?

Yep! Do you know how we know you can? Because it has been done by hundreds of our students. Remember… this is a proven system that is laser-focused on getting you a job. So we won’t waste time with needless materials in lectures and we have the assets to quickly give you the results you are looking for.

Other questions?

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