The Best 3D Animation Studios to Work For in New York

by | Jul 18, 2023

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Are you looking for a new job in 3D animation? If so, you probably want to find the best 3D studios to work for.

In today’s post, we’ll give you the 50 top 3D animation studios to work for in New York based on their reputation, available career opportunities, and desirability as employers in the animation industry. 

Ready? Let’s dive in!

Top 50 animation studios to work for in New York City


While Anideos is technically outside of New York City (it’s just a quick ferry ride away on Long Island), it deserved a spot on the list. In addition to the run of the mill 3D services like character animation and product modeling, the studio also specializes in 3D architecture animation, also known as flythroughs or walkthroughs. 

Anideos creates 3D work for those in industries spanning from healthcare and nonprofit to commercial and entertainment.

Career Page


Ambassadors has a global team working to create some of the most cutting-edge 3D animation you’ll find.

Clients include Estee Lauder, G-Star RAW, and BMW.

It also has a studio located in Amsterdam.

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Animated Storyboards

The Animated Storyboards team, comprised of more than 300 people, has been going strong since 2001. Today, it has 13 studios across the globe.

They use motion capture to bring their vision for 3D cinematics to life, resulting in photo-real characters and settings. Clients include Budweiser, Toyota, Sprite, Campbell’s, and more.

In addition to New York, you can find Animated Storyboards in Chicago, London, Bangkok, and more.

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Located in Chinatown, Artjail specializes in several types of animation, including design, color, and high-end 3D visual effects. 

Clients include Google, IKEA, Volvo, Budweiser, Squarespace, and more.

In addition to its New York office, Artjail can also be found in Toronto and Los Angeles.

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Ataboy Studios

Until relatively recently, Ataboy Studios worked with mediums like live action, miniatures, and mixed media. Then, they partnered with Cikrus, an award-winning 3D animation studio from New Zealand. 

Since, they’ve been creating 3D work for clients like 7Up, Airbnb, and the World Wildlife Foundation. 

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Brazilero is a full-stop, female-owned animation agency located in Brooklyn. Their work includes 3D, 2D, storyboarding, animation, and even NFT. They also specialize in motion graphics and mixed media.

Clients include Sanpellegrino, Athletic Greens, Quik Tea, and Healthwise.

In addition to their New York office, they have a studio located in Moldova. 

Career Page


Buck has been at the forefront of animation since 2004. In addition to 3D animation, it also offers 2D animation, live action, and experience services.

Its impressive client roster is made up of names like Meta, Dior, Lowe’s, Headspace, and Airbnb.

It also has locations in Los Angeles, Sydney, London, and Amsterdam.

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Buzzflick helps its clients create engaging and compelling materials for explainer videos, logo animation, video ads, and promotional videos. Its mediums include 3D, 2D, and 3D modeling.

Clients include Lettice and Clubspot, and Indeed.

In addition to New York, it also has offices in Dover and Houston.

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Click Play Films

Click Play has been creating 3D animations for businesses for years, and they’re well-lauded for their work. 

The studio’s clients include the likes of Netflix, Facebook, Sony, and Domino’s.

It also has locations in Chicago, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, and Boston.

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Whether you’re looking for a studio that works for startups or well-known corporations, Collby has a place for you. In addition to 3D animation, it also offers 2D animation and infographics.

Collby has worked with Stanford, Chupa Chups, and Smartlink.

Career Page

CRFT Video

Crft specializes in creating videos of all kinds, including 3D animation, explainer videos, and even whiteboard videos.

Clients include Powelldobson, Shift, and Western Fever City Solutions.

Career Page

DG Medical Animations

While you won’t be animating shows or movies at DG, the work is just as interesting – you’ll be creating 3D animation for physician training. 

Clients include Medtronic, Conmed, and Ranfac.

Career Page

Dress Code NY

Since 2006, this Lower East Side animation studio has been churning out show-stopping 3D, 2D, and even stop motion animation.

Clients include The New York Times, Microsoft, and Adidas.

Career Page

Explain Art Videos

As one of the leading animation studios in the country, Explain Art Videos creates 3D animation as well as 2D, explainer videos, and tutorial videos.

Its list of clients includes Fuso and Bondora.

Career Page


Fevr does it all – 3D animation, 2D animation, NFT animation, and more.

It has built an impressive and upscale client roster that includes the likes of Hermes, Ferrari, and Jean Paul Gaultier.

Career Page


Framestore acts as a collective, with its staff spanning the globe in places like New York, Mumbai, Chicago, and London.

It prides itself both on creating 3D characters from scratch and putting well-known characters into a new 3D setting.

You can see its work in Thor: Love and Thunder, His Dark Materials, and Suicide Squad.

Career Page


Garbanzo has been at the forefront of 3D animation in New York for 15 years and works with clients in industries like hospitality, automotive, and more.

Clients include Uniqlo, Viacom, and Marriott.

Career Page

HiFi 3D

This Brooklyn boutique animation agency prides itself on handling projects from start to finish, pre- to post-production.

Its clients include Google, HBO, Dior, and more.

Career Page


Though HOPR specializes mainly in VFX, it’s also become known for its 2D, 3D, and traditional animation.

HOPR’s client roster includes Google and Oval.

Career Page


IdeaRocket provides 3D animation, whiteboard animation, and more for some of the world’s leading brands, including Citi, EY, Ford, and Tiffany & Co.

Career Page

Indigo Productions

Indigo Production offers a full range of 3D animation services, including character animation, photorealistic animation, and 3D models. Its work is commonly featured in TV spots, training videos, pitch videos, music videos, and more.

Its range of clients includes Kellogg’s, Vice, Ogilvy, Nespresso, and Salesforce.

Career Page

Infographic World

Although it started as exactly what it sounds like – an infographic-central design agency – it has grown to include explainer videos, content marketing, and, yes, 3D animation.

It has worked with several Fortune 500 companies, including Google, ESPN, and Charles Schwab.

Career Page

Juniper Jones

Falling under the LVLY Studios umbrella, Juniper Jones focuses solely on video. Its services include 3D, VFX, live action, and more.

Clients it has worked with include AT&T, Maybelline, and Ubisoft.

Career Page


Lemons specializes in creating 3D animation that promotes brands, boosts conversion, and generates more traffic for well-known brands.

Its clients include Google, T-Mobile, Nasdaq, and more.

Career Page


With offices in both New York and Sao Paulo, it’s fair to say that LOBO’s 3D animation, stop motion, and more all span the globe.

Companies that have worked with LOBO include Disney, Burger King, and Supercell.

Career Page

Melty Cone

As a full-service agency, Melty Cone handles all 3D animation needs in its post-production department.

Melty Cone clients include Loreal,, New York University, People Magazine, Time, and Fast Company.

Career Page

+Merge Creative Media

For more than 20 years, +Merge has been leading the pack with its 3D animation, often winning awards for its broadcast, film and pharmaceutical creative.

Clients include HGTV, Ogilvy, and Bayer.

Career Page

Method Studios

As a part of Company 3, it’s safe to say Method’s team of 3D animators are some of the best in the business when it comes to creating worlds and characters.

Its work can be seen in Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man: Far From Home, and more.

In addition to New York, the team is also located in Los Angeles and Atlanta.

Career Page

Mighty Oak

This female-owned studio is lauded for its range of abilities which includes 3D, 2D, stop motion, and mixed media.

Its work with clients like HBO and Etsy has been noted by publications such as Fast Company and Mashable.

Career Page

Nathan Love

Nathan Love, which was founded in 2007, partnered with Aardman Animations to bring its 3D animation dreams to life.

Since its founding, it has created worlds and characters for clients like Nickelodeon, Sprite, and Crayola.

While technically this studio is cloud-based, it maintains a New York studio.

Career Page

Not to Scale

This full-service film and animation production company works in 2D, 3D, mixed media, and more for clients like Oscar Mayer, Nike, Hershey’s, and Google.

In addition to New York, it has locations in London, Amsterdam, and Los Angeles.

Career Page

Pink Square

If you’re looking to work for a company that specializes in the 3D animation of technical products, this is your answer.

The Pink Square team creates 3D animation for products in the medical, construction, and technical industries.

Career Page


Because it’s a full-service production company, Piro has a fully-equipped editorial suite that allows for 3D animation, VFX, motion graphics, and more.

Clients include Butterfinger, Ferrero Rocher, and Tag Heuer.

Career Page


Though its offices span the country, Pixeldust’s New York City office is where the 3D animation happens.

Its client roster includes Tesla, WebMD, Visa, Discovery Channel, and Universal Studios.

Career Page


Pluck specializes in creating 3D videos that are seen everywhere, from TV to skyscrapers. 

You’ve probably seen its work, as clients include Mastercard, Capital One, Pepsico, and more.

In addition to New York, Pluck can be found in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Career Page

Prodigium Pictures

Prodigium’s team of 3D animators makes even the wildest ideas a reality.

Companies that have turned to the studio for their video marketing needs include HBO Max, Sony, and Epson.

Career Page


In addition to 3D animation, Psyop also offers 2D, live action, stop motion, and more.

Clients include Adult Swim, Angel Soft, Spotify, and Aldi.

Career Page

Republic Studios

Because it has a network of both its own artists and international studios, Republic Studios can work across several mediums, including 3D animation.

Clients include Xiaomi, KFC Hot Dog, and Yoplait.

Career Page

Roof Studio

Talk about an animation studio that does it all. Roof offers 3D, 2D, abstract, and more for clients that include 4-H, Florida Lottery, Estee Lauder, and HBO.

Career Page

Room8 Studio

In addition to creating 3D characters, Room8 also creates 3D environments for video games played across the world.

You can see its work in the Loona app, Dead Space, and Back 4 Blood.

Career Page

SGNY Group

SGNY Group creates 3D animations for explainer videos, sizzle reels, and even MOA and character animation.

Clients include Sanofi, Sunoco, Novartis, and more.

Career Page

Shoot You

Shoot You’s animators specialize in a variety of animation styles, including 3D, 2D, and even hand-drawn. 

It has built an impressive and varied list of clients, including JP Morgan, Honeywell, and Marks & Spencer.

In addition to New York, it has offices in London, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, and Zurich.

Career Page

Silver Spoon Animation

In its post-production offerings, Silver Spoon provides full 3D animation, motion editing, and more.

You’ve likely seen the studio’s work, which has been featured by Fox Alter Ego, CBS Super Bowl, and CNN New Year’s.

You’ll also find studios in Hudson Valley and Los Angeles.

Career Page

The Studio NYC

As a full-service animation studio, The Studio offers both 2D and 3D animation, including 360 video.

Its work has been featured by brands like BMW, Geico, and Hinge.

Career Page

The Video & Animation Production Company

Referred to as VAPCO for short, this studio specializes in creating animation, explainer videos, and 3D modeling.

Their expertise has been relied upon by clients like The University of Sydney, Push Play, Asics, and more.

It also has locations in Sydney and Melbourne.

Career Page


As a cartoon animation studio, Titmouse has seen – and done – it all. 

Its 3D animated works include Pupstruction, Her, and more.

Career Page

Vanz Media

In addition to 3D animation, Vanz Media also provides motion design, compositing, C4D, and motion picture editing.

VM clients include Xbox, PlayStation, Samsung, iCleanse, and more.

Career Page

Visual Science

Much like DG Medical Animations, those at Visual Science are focused on creating 3D imagery for those in the science and medical industries. In addition to 3D, it also offers High-End 3D imagery and Deck3D.

Clients include Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Roche, Nycomed, and more.

Career Page


As one of the leaders in the New York animation market, VizAnimation creates short 3D videos proven to help companies keep their employees engaged. They also create whiteboard videos, explainer videos, and more.

VizAnimation serves several industries, including apparel, architecture, construction, e-commerce, education, and more.

Career Page

Yum Yum Videos

Yum Yum’s clients often come to them for product videos, which they make even more effective by bringing them to life with 3D animation. Other videos include educational, whiteboard, and more.

Clients include Walmart, Huawei, Red Bull, Heinz, and more.

Career Page

Over to you!

There you have it. These are the 50 best 3D animation studios to work for in New York. 

Take a look at their Career pages for more information on how to land a job at each studio. 

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