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The Mission:

The Diversity Action Program’s mission is to engage and develop a diverse pool of talent who will be the next generation of artists in the industry.

The Problem:


There is a big gap in our industry. Some individuals are grossly underrepresented, and there is currently no “easy button” to push to create a more diverse workplace because the applicant pool is not diverse.

To make a long-lasting, impactful change in the industry, we must look at long-term sustaining solutions. Part of the solution is to give future artists access to the tools, resources, and education necessary to have a career in the industry. By eliminating the education/resource barriers, we are creating a pathway for a diverse group of artists to be part of our industry for years to come.

Project Overview:


The Diversity Action Program’s mission is to educate and inspire the next generation of artists in the world of Animation, Visual Effect, Gaming, and beyond.  We will provide training and resources to any young person interested in exploring this creative field regardless of their background, race, gender, or economic situation. By partnering with companies, organizations, and individuals that share our vision, we will enact real and impactful change to foster the long-term goal of a creative workforce that better represents society as a whole and allows our industry to thrive into the future. 

In this first phase of the Diversity Action Program, the Academy of Animated Art will develop the online curriculum, infrastructure, and community that will introduce a diverse generation of future artists to the creative possibilities of animation. The founding sponsors will sponsor students to go through the program. Together, the Academy and the sponsors make the Diversity Action Program a reality.  

Meet the people who make this happen …

Founding Organization and Sponsors:

The Diversity Action Program is a true collaboration between the Academy of Animated Arts, organizations, and sponsors with one aligned goal: To create a more diverse representation in the industry. By working together, we make the Diversity Action Program. The Academy of Animated Art delivers the courses, support, and community. The sponsors provide individual student sponsorship. The organizations help support with resources. It’s in this collaboration that we can significantly impact our industry and the lives of countless future artists. 

Thank you for making this program possible!

These are the founding organizations and sponsors who were the first to make this program possible. Thank you!

Founding Organization:

AccessVFX’s worldwide mission is to pursue inclusion, diversity, awareness, and opportunity with the industry.

Thank you to AccessVFX | USA  – for being instrumental in making this program a reality.

Founding Sponsors:

Thank you to our sponsors who make this program possible.

future artists sponsored!

  • Foundry 25% 25%
  • Framestore 50% 50%
  • Ghost VFX / Streamland Media 20% 20%
  • The Mill 50% 50%
  • Zoic 15% 15%

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